Monday, September 10, 2012


Now i don't want this to sound Trunkie but in our mission, it is tradition to go the the 99 Restaurant when we have 99 days til we go home.... So yup today is my 99. Its unreal i know.

Every week/every day just blends together in my head at this point. But it was a really good week. Wednesday we had Zone Leader Council and it was powerful. President loves teaching us these deep/intense lessons from the Book of Mormon whenever a group is assembled with him. He talked about prayer this time and counseled us to not do prayers like we are doctors giving a diagnosis and telling Heavenly Father what we need him to do for us, but rather to have "what would thou have me do?" prayers. Its exactly what i needed to hear. So every night before bed I say a prayer and say the usuals like bless my family and friends and what not but then I just ask, "what can i do?" "what would thou have me do" for such and such case. And then I wait. I keep a notebook close by so i can write down the promptings that i get and it is amazing the inspiration i receive and the specific action items i need to do. Or I will remember something that i need to do tomorrow or whatever it may be. My prayers now are alot more meaningful and fulfilling and its more like a two way conversation. I encourage you all to try doing the same.

Thursday we went to Springfield MA for a zone meeting and it is way out in western mass. And i bet dad knows this, but That is the birthplace of Basketball. We drove by the Basketball Hall of Fame but thats all we did- drive by, cuz we had no time. We also took an elder to the airport who is flying home to Brazil. Its so weird doing that ha. I don't think i will ever get used to it.

Friday we went to Revere to a different Zone meeting and it was so fun being "home" ha. I got to talk to the Khmae elders there and it let me know that i have made progress in the language on my mission thus far, so that was comforting. Saturday we were in the office from 10-5pm like usual reporting with all the zone leaders on the people who were baptized or are preparing for baptism plus the majority being talking with the ZL's about each missionary and how they are doing. Its crazy how much changes in just one week. Things can be going just fine and then BAM there's a problem (but nothing too big).

Sunday was the best day by far. As church was starting i was half thinking to myself half praying and I said, "you know, we haven't had alot of time this week to do anything in our area to find people to teach and i really want to start teaching someone. If it be thy will, can we please have someone come to church or get someone to teach by the end of today?" I didn't really think much of it because I wasn't desparate or anything, just thought it would be nice to have an investigator. (cuz currently we don't have any.) After church, we had ward council and towards the end, a 12 yr old girl was brought up whose sisters have been baptized and all 3 of them come to church regularly but the 12 yr old just never got baptized because the parents aren't members and arent' on top of things like that. So the Young Women's pres asked if the missionaries had to teach her first before she can get baptized we answered yes (cuz that is the answer :)) and so now we are going to go meet her tomorrow and most likely she will be baptized at the end of this month! How awesome is that? God answers prayers. He hears each one of us. Plus i also learned that it NEVER hurts to ask. God wants us to pray to him. Don't forget that.

Besides that, most of our work done in our area is going to dinner appointments with members. And our members are sooooo awesome! I love them all and we are working with them in their missionary efforts they already are doing/want to do. All we do is encourage and support them in their efforts and then be the accountability factor and follow up with them to keep em honest, you know. And they love it. The members here are very missionary minded so within the next 2 months, I have a feeling that we will have alot of people to teach. I feel like this area is so under-utilized because we are the only elders that cover this ward and we are super busy and gone most of the time. But Elder M and I have alot of plans to really take advantage of this area and the solid members that we have. There hasn't been a baptism in this ward in over a year and a half i believe and we are going to change that. Things are great, life is so wonderful, fall is here and God is good.

I love you all! Thanks for everything! Yes, a package sounds really good right now mom and anyone else who feels so inclined :) haha you guys are the BEST!

ps i just have to give a shout out to my cuz's Amber and Emilee Johnson for their letters they wrote me forever ago that i never responded to. but just know, I love getting your letters. and Emilee, i think you are my best writer/most consistent for my whole mission So thanks a bunch! Sorry I can't write back but feel free to keep writing me and i promise i will write back a few more times before I go home.
Elder Brady Johnson

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