Monday, September 24, 2012

Ok so I've been sitting here for like 10mins trying to think of what to write about this week. A ton has happened over the last few days but nothing that exciting. We've been apartment hunting for some other elders in preparation for transfers, we've been meeting with President talking about some changes in mission rules, I played M's (President's son) saxophone and it took me back to the good old days playing in band with Casey Spilker haha. We had lots of dinners with members- we actually had every day signed up for this whole transfer. How legit is that! Just FYI that is not normal but I like it :) 

 The members in the Cambridge 2nd Ward are mostly all young couples going to Havard Business school and they are super cool. I think by the end of my time here, which will be till the end of my mission, I will really want to come back here after going to BYU and go to HBS. That'd be sweet, right? And its not a dubious (word of the week ha) ambition, I am really liking it here and could totally see myself back here. Pretty much following suit with Blake with going back to his mission to go to graduate school.

We taught the L family again and had a really solid lesson. The mother sat in and listened quietly and at one point you could feel the spirit so strong as one of our members testified and you knew that she was feeling the spirit. It will take time but im sure her heart will soften. We are moving the baptism date back into mid october to give us more time to get the whole family active. Jr came to church with one other sister but the rest of the family did not, unfortunately. :(

Also at church, some random lady from Beijing China came walking in and said she her school class was told by one of her professors to go study about a different religion. She loved our church meeting and now wants to meet with us this week. Her name is Yan and she has only been in the US for 2 months but speaks fairly decent english. How cool is that?! And to top it all off, a member came up to us at the end of church and said the best thing, "Elders! I have someone ready for you to teach in our home thursday night at 8pm. Can you come?" uh, heck ya we can come :) So this week should be legit. Plus this week we will be working on transfers with President and Sister Packard so I am equally excited for that.

So there is this subway stop here called Porter Square. And it has the hugest stair case ever! like more than 100 stairs. Some of the less informed sister missionaries thoguht it would be fun to challenged Elder M and me to race up them. They went about training for like 3 weeks and we did our usual workouts and met up last saturday morning to race. The whole zone showed up to watch. It was my first time seeing the stairs and I was a little intimidated but we raced and obviously we won :) By a long shot. Moral of the story, don't buy mission vehicles. jk, But really tho, don't buy them. the real moral of the story is not important. well thats it love yall!

Oh also need to thank everyone who has written me lately that I haven't had the time to respond to. I have been receiving some mail every day this last week and its so great so thank you one and all.

<('.'<) <( '.' )> (>'.')> -check it out, its Kirby dancing!

Elder Brady Johnson

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