Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Thanks mom for the packages for Elder B and Elder A. They get left out alot because they are from Cambodia and so far from home. I'm so excited for Brock and Stacy and Homecoming! I miss high school so badly. I wanna go back ha. Make sure to send me some pictures of them and their dates. Good times.
So i don't have much time this week cuz we don't get a P-day cuz we are with the new greenies Tuesday and Wednesday then transfer meeting and temple trip on Thursday and then party all night (well, not really) with the departing missionaries and then Friday we wake up super early to take them all to the airport. Its gonna be a blast!

My first Transfers went well. It was a lot harder than I thought and it took many hours of counseling and thinking and prayer to finally get every once situated. It was interesting to me that there weren't any "he needs to go here" or "she has to be with this companion" feelings, but as we worked on the transfer board, things just fell into place and felt right. It was pretty fun knowing everyone's fate before they did :)

The L family all came to church!-cept for the mom. but the 4 kids all came and it was awesome! The ward members surprised them with their very own scripture quad each! That was unexpected but they loved it. We had some sweet lessons with them this week as well and we are finally getting somewhere with them and I think they finally like us.

Oh I almost forgot. I'm getting a new companion. His name is Elder R and I have already been living in the same apartment with him for the last 6 weeks and we are best buds so its going to be really great. Im really excited. Elder R and I are the AP's and then Elder M and Elder M are the, brand new to our mission, "traveling Elders." What they do is go where ever they want when ever they want and help, lift, encourage, inspire, and train other missionaries throughout the mission full time. So they will live with us and come to church with us but other than that, they will be all over the mission. Elder M is an awesome missionary and will do great things in that responsibility. I will continue doing the things in the office and organizing things/running the behind the scenes operations, where i like to be. I'm stoked to be with Elder R and with the new traveling elders, we will have more free time to work in our area and I forsee alot of great things on the horizon.

Well thats about it! Love yall!

Elder Brady Johnson

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