Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sorry to write so late in the week

We are so insanely busy this week and it all has to do with the announcement made by Pres Monson about age changes for missionaries. Let me just say that A LOT more missionaries are coming out then were to be expected which is awesome, especially tons more sisters-super awesome. But that means they need to find where to put them. Well our mission has requested 50 more missionaries making our mission have 250 (the max a mission can have). Still not sure what will actually happen but Elder R and I are in charge of gathering all of the hundreds of suggestions from the missionaries here on where to put the new ones. That includes deciding where to put them (as in which branch or ward), if they are elders or sisters, if they speak english, Hatian, creole, portuguese, or spanish; and where to actually put them within the ward boundaries (cuz here, wards are multiple cities/towns big); plus we have to find out how many members are in each ward/where do most of the members live within each boundary, etc.

Obviously we don't make any final decisions-thats done by the mission pres but we get everything ready, all the info, so he can make a decision. We could start increasing our mission numbers within the next 6-9 weeks which means no time. Yeah, pretty intense! So I am sincerely sorry for the lack of writing, but Im doing all that i can to write in my journal so i can be sure to tell you all about the crazy and fun things that are happening here at this time. There is alot of excitement in the air and good things are coming. I'm only sad that i will just be here to set everything up but not get to see how it all works out. I love being a missionary and I love that our prophet continues to receive revelation for the Church. The Second Coming is near and that is why the church is getting more serious about spreading this gospel throughout the world. Please be a part of that spreading of the message. Nothing could be more important, and nothing can bring the spirit more fully into your life then when you are sharing the gospel. I love you all! Thanks for all of the Love and support!
PS: Dad you are a baller! i love it. Brock, you are such a stud! Mom your insights are amazing! Wescotts, I absolutely LOVED your package!!!! I think it was one of the best package i've received on my mission. So thanks! :)  Nikki your package was also one of the best! much needed! loved it. Blake and Ryan, Mom and Dad thanks for the advice. Everyone/anyone else that i've forgotten, thank you for everything!

Elder Brady Johnson

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