Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No time today to write so it looks like it wont be til Saturday. Sorry :( i feel so bad. but just know that im really really loving life. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my mission. I love my comp and my area and we are teaching a ton and W& Jr and this other lady T are all getting baptized on Nov 4th and they all 3 came to church and same with our next door neighbor, L. It was a legit Sunday. We are making some great progress with W and J's mom. Things are coming. We are out doing stuff for president and what not usually every day from morning til 5pm and then work in our area from 5-9 and with that short time we manage to lead our zone with people coming to church, people with a baptismal date and lessons taught in the week. Don't ask me how but we'll just go with it :) Thanks for all the updates and support from everyone! Someone told me that I just have 8 weeks left... yikes. played soccer today with tons of missionaries (like 25!) It was heaven! Cept all of the really good players have already gone home. Oh well it was still good.

Brock you are the man! I love you. I'm really interested to hear what kind of things you've seen about me that have changed because of my mission. Mom you are fabulous! I love your insights. I shared the one with Pres Packard about how Christ counseled everyone go home to digest everything and then came back the next day to learn again cuz that is exactly what we are doing in our mission. Pres has unloaded quite a bit of info and tips and training and we took a step back to let people think about it and try it out and now we are going at it again just reinforcing everything.

Alright love you bye!

ps I totes got accepted to BYU! So mom if you could keep on helping me with all of that, that would be great. put me in a khmae class, photography class, ballroom, computer class of some sort so i can be more acquainted with them, and maybe a spanish class, and whatever else i need to be in. Thanks Momma you are the BEST!

Elder Brady Johnson

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