Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To answer some questions:
We take the departing missionaries to the airport each transfer-we are always the ones to drop them off and to pick them up-which I will be able to do in a few weeks!(president comes with us too).  I keep up on my language by mainly reading the Book of Mormon in Khmae every day and also all of my personal prayers are in khmae. There is just not a lot of spare time to do language study especially because my companion doesnt' speak another language so i feel bad making him sit around while i study a language. No i don't speak khmae with hardly anyone except for other missionaries at meetings cuz I have yet to find a Cambodian in my area.

Yes I am still somewhat learning spanish but only passively. I speak it with other missionaries and when i can even tho its not soo good and I ask others who speak spanish to talk to me in spanish so i can practice.
W the 12yr old I mentioned last time and Jr, her little 9yr old brother are both set to get baptized in october! When we went over there to teach them we straight up asked them if they wanted to be baptized like their older siblings right at first and they both excitedly said YES! So we have been teaching them and things are going really well. Their mom isn't too sure if she is going to let them be baptized tho. The other 3 older sisters and very active and love young womens. So we will have to see. But keep them in your prayers and pray that the mother's heart is softened.

We haven't had a whole lot of time with President lately because we've all been busy preparing for a general Authority coming...and that happened these past few days. Elder O. Vincent Haleck and his wife came and toured our mission. He is brand new as a GA and it was great getting to be with him. We had 4 zone conferences in 2 days that Elder M and I had to set up all the technical equipment and get the buildings open and pretty much make everything happen so He and President Packard could just show up, speak, bring the spirit in great abundance, and then leave. So we really didn't get any one on one time with Elder Haleck but we got to hear him speak 4 times and each time was a little bit different. He shared a lot of experiences from his mission in Samoa and also his experiences as a mission president 40yrs later in the same place! Cool huh? So it was a bit of a stressful and tiring 2 days-feels like 2 weeks should've passed in that time haha. But its done and things are settling for this week and then next week we start doing transfers with President. That should be really fun.

Our ward is awesome and we are bound to see alot of amazing things here in the next few months so I'm stoked. Loving life, thats for sure! Loveya bye!

Elder Brady Johnson

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