Monday, October 17, 2011

Man this week just flew by, and it seems like nothing really happened, at least on my side of things.  Oh before i forget, Happy Birthday to Marcie Prince and Chase Jensen this week! I don't even know if they read this but i just thought i should let them know that I remembered their birthday and that I was thinking about them :)  Also, next transfer is on November 3rd for those of you who wanted to know.  Im pretty sure that things will be staying the same for me but, you never know.
Here is a little update about our investigators: S, the khmae lady pulled a no show at our appointment this week but her family gave us her phone number and we called and she apologized and set up another appointment so we'll see. As for G and family, no one was at our appointments this week cept for G both times and no one came to church.  They seem like they are going to become eternagators (eternal investigators)
We met a Lady from Sudan and taught her a lesson and she was like, "Well if Joseph saw what he said he saw, who am I to tell him he's a liar? I believe him." haha that was cool. We have another appointment with her this week that im excited for.
Thats about all we've got right now.  We need to find some real solid investigators.  If you have any referrals for the Lynn, Malden, Chelsea, Melrose, Revere, East Boston, Charlestown, Saugus, and Everett area, Please feel free to send them :)
Some other things that happened this week is that 1) we had dinner with the families from the gym.  Like always the food was fabulous, we had a great time-they have become some really good friends, and the spirit was soooooo strong when we shared a message with them.  Each time we go, the spirit is there.  They have to be able to feel it. I don't see how they can't.  They really love us coming over and listening to us but at the moment thats all they want to do is listen.  But we wont give up :) They are so awesome!  We also sang Nearer My God to Thee and They loved that.  All four of us are pretty good singers and it sounded way good ha.  They thought we had been practicing that and rehearsing for some time but we told them that we had actually just decided to do that as we were knocking on their door haha.  Keep praying for them :)
Also related to the gym, K told Elder T that he could come to boot camp in the morning at the gym for free    I volunteered to do it with him cuz Elder P didn't want to and I know how much this means to Elder T.  Its a pretty crazy work out- I'm totally wasted by the end but its actually quite fun.  I mean I haven't sweated/ work out so hard like this in a long time. It feels good.  We'll see how im feeling after a week of it haha.  Pray for me :)
Lastly, we found out that the Elders in our stake are singing for stake Conference.  We had a practice last night and i found out that the missionaries in our stake don't quite know how to sing haha. No they are pretty good, its just gonna take a few practices to make it all sound nice and together.  I'll let you know how that goes. 

I just want to leave you with a little insight I got in personal study this morning. I was reading in Acts 5 verse.....41 i think? Anyways before that verse it talks about the apostles getting thrown in prison and then getting a beating and then in 41 or something like that they come out "Rejoicing to be counted worthy to suffer shame for His name."  I learned a lesson on enduring from this.  We don't gotta just endure all the hard things we go through in life but we have to endure it happily.  There are so many things out there persecuting us but how do we react to it? Are we rejoicing to be counted worthy?  We should be because it is such a blessing to be a part of this church.  We have the "good News", its something to be happy about.  So let it show :)
Love you all!  Have a great week!
     Elder Brady Johnson

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