Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well Hello again everybody! 
I'll get right into it.  Sorry about the cold weather in Utah. Here in Massachusetts it has been 80-85 degrees the last 4 days! its been wonderful.  But the cold is on its way and im way scared.  I don't like the cold I've decided.  Oh but earlier in the week we woke up to the most insane rain storm i have ever witnessed.  It was raining sooooo hard.  Lots of houses in Swampscott (pronounced Swampskit-Don't get me started on weird massachusetts words) were flooded way bad including the gym.  But everything is fine and dandy now.    Brock,  nice job in your football game. And for scoring 2 dates to Sadies.   
Mom, Elder B absolutely loved the birthday package you sent! Thanks for doing that.  He wore the tie you gave him to District meeting and i was like, "Whoa sweet tie Elder B! Where did you get it? Can I have it? haha" Then he told me that it was from you.  He also brought the whole package and shared some with our district. He was so happy.  I also bought a cake and brought it to district meeting cuz it was Elder M and Sis. T's birthdays that week too. 
So this week was a long one on our side of things.  We did lots of finding. We can't ever street contact cuz all that are out on the streets are spanish speakers so that leaves hours upon hours of good old tracting. So much fun...! No its good. Always good to just get out and work and show the Lord your willingness and faith.  We are also doing other finding tips that are mentioned in PMG to change it up every once in a while.  But what we really need is some more member referrals.  
R absolutely loved conference! Seriously.  I think she might have enjoyed it more than me and that is saying ALOT!  We went over this week to see if she even watched it and she just went on and on about out wonderful it was and all the different talks and what she learned and how she wished she would've known all of this her whole life. Her favorite talk was by Sis. Dalton. She was telling us specific things from lots of talks. It was so awesome.  R was telling me that her and her sister had a hour long discussion about what they had learned.  Man I love our Recent Converts!!!!! I hope you guys get to meet them some day.  
We had a pretty good lesson with the K Family.  We brought Hymn books and Elder A and I sung a hymn for them and then at the end of the lesson the whole family sung a hymn together with us.  Then, after much stress and hectic planning, all came to church on sunday!  And they liked it.  They thought it was a little long but said that they would come back.  SAAWEEET!
Friday we took a guy from the cambridge ward, that served his mission in Cambodia 3 years ago and actually knew Elder A, teaching with us.  Bro. D had our sweet sister S laughing like crazy with all of his cambodian jokes and play on words in khmae.  I didn't understand anything.  Then we went and taught a lesson to this new Khmae lady we ran into a few days ago and she let us in and we taught a lesson about God and about prayer.  Having bro D there helped alot cuz my khmae is not good and Elder A has forgotten so much. Bro. D knows more khmae than elder A at the moment. But this lady was way nice and she even offered a prayer after we taught her how!  It was way cool!  So now we have a legit Khmae investigator! YAY!  After teaching with Bro. D and talking with him, i realized just how bad my khmae is compared to someone who gets immersed in the language.  Its pretty frustrating knowing that I can't get that good unless i go to cambodia. Like i know it well enough to get by and i am grateful for that and for all that i've learned but there isn't much room for improvement until im in a situation to depend wholly upon my language.  OH well its still fun being the only one to understand the conversations that go on between Elder A and Elder B when they are together. Its still kinda weird to me that no one else can understand.
Yesterday for P Day we went into Boston just to chill and walk around and shop and what not.  Not too exciting until all of a sudden we here this chanting and loud drum and see a huge group of protesters marching down the street. The whole "Occupy Boston" thing that is going on... which i don't really know whats going on  only that it is going on. Can someone who has access to the world please enlighten me why we were almost trampled as we were strolling around B-Town? :)  It was kinda fun just being in the middle of it all having people walk past trying to get us to join in haha.
I have been reading the Oct. Ensign all about the Book of Mormon and it has been so great.  I started reading the B of M again (i took a break to read the new testament but now im reading both) and started using the study skills i learned from the ensign.  One thing Elder D. Todd Christofferson said was  that every single thing written in the book was for a purpose and to help us.  So he said to study it with the question of why was this particular thing written and why is it important to me always in your mind.  So thats what im doing. I started brand new with a new pass along copy and have been going through asking myself those questions after each verse and coming up with answers and writing it in the margins.  It is the coolest thing. I've already learned so much and been able to apply so much to my own life. Some things are harder to find answers to why it was written, like why is the verse, "And my father dwelt in a tent" written but i try to come up with some sort of explanation like for that one it shows humility.  I encourage you all to follow the counsel we've been given in conference and be reading the Book of Mormon every day.  This book is what we depend on as missionaries.  It brings hope, happiness, peace and answers.  I know it is true.
I love you all! Thanks for your support!  Remember that there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

     Elder Brady Johnson

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