Monday, October 24, 2011

*ATTENTION* We are going to be moving apartments within the next two weeks(long story).  So please by all means, keep sending mail.  You should just send it to the mission home address if you send it after wednesday the 26th. Then next week we will hopefully be in our new place and then i can give you our address. Also, this works perfectly cuz transfers are coming up and i don't know if im staying or going so its another reason to send things to the mission home. So in accordance with that, I will be writing yall next wednesday.
Just know that I love ya and that i super appreciate all the letters and emails and everything! You guys are the best!  Mom I loved the insight about teh apostle Paul "almost" convincing king Agrippa to be a Christian. That was really insightful and comforting.
So last monday Elder A and I went to the Museum of Science down in Boston cuz one of our members works there and got us free passes. It was really cool and we got to go to a special pompeii exhibit.  My only complaints are 1) it is outrageously priced so I would never go again 2) but i want to go again cuz there is no possible way you can see everything in one trip.  But ya cool experience. 
Not a whole lot happened this week.  We lost/dropped nearly all of our investigators this week and did not find any new people so our investigator pool is very shallow.  We are planning to go to the K's one last time to see if there is any potential there but if not we are dropping them.  Its always sad to drop people, but sometimes they just aren't ready. 
However we still have B and J. I don't remember how much I have talked about them but i don't think very much, cuz quite honestly I didn't think much would come from them.  We met them about a month or two ago and they weren't really interested in what we had to say but we would just come over and talk once a week and squeeze in some teaching.  A few weeks ago they agreed to listen to our message and so the teaching began.  And they have already progressed so much.  They have started to read the book of mormon and are sincerely interested in what we have to say. They really have the desire to know that it is true.  We extended a baptismal date to them and they accepted.  They have alot of things they need to change in order to reach that date but i have full faith in them.  Our biggest concern is that they can't come to church cuz of work-which revolves around the NFL.  But as the spirit continues to work within them, they will soon have the desire to go to church.  I've really grown to love these people and I can't wait to see what happens in the next month.
This weekend we had dinner with R and R and their families for the first time and it was the best!  They cooked a hatian dinner for us that was way good.  Man i love these families so much!  They are so awesome!  I can't believe the changes that have come in their lives and in their countenances. If i hadn't been here to see it all, i may not have believed it. The gospel truly blesses families. It has blessed me and my family and that is a huge part of why im out here sharing it with others.  L and M and doing so great. M just got the priesthood yesterday and that was really cool.  He has probably changed the most and that is all R and Rcan talk about is how happy with the change they've seen in him.  I feel so blessed to be a part of their lives.  They say that they really want to meet our family and I invited them over and I really think that they are gonna come to Utah within the next two years to visit-especially if L decides to go to BYU.  But no matter what, all of you have to come out here and visit with me after i get home!
Eh, I think thats all I got for today.  I was reading in the Book of Mormon yesterday and i read something that brought some revelation. the revelation is that we HAVE to be reading the scriptures and talks from conference over and over again, because there is always something that we miss or didn't catch. There is always a chance to learn something new from them.  It just came so boldly to me and it was clear that I need to continue to read the word of God over and over again.
Love ya!
     Elder Brady Johnson

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