Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We are moving in on friday :S that oughta be fun.  Our new address is
12 Lowell St.
Revere MA 02151
Ok so I know I say this every time but this time a really don't have a lot of time cuz we are going to go to Cambridge and ball it up with alot of the missionaries that are going home.  I hate being around so many missionaries that are in their last transfer or close cuz then I will miss them and it makes me kinda trunkie. anyways...
Transfers came and Elder A and I are staying the same.  I think this will be my last one in Lynn but Im ready for a change of scenery.  I like change :) Well kinda.  Elder T is getting transferred so that is sad but its also a joyous occasion cuz it means i don't have to go to boot camp any more! haha no, actually I really enjoyed boot camp and i am in the best shape of my life right now.  I think i can still beat brock up :) 
Umm.... We have a new service that im way excited for. We finally quit going to the catholic church cuz it really just wasn't a good atmosphere. But now we go to a Rest Home and play hang man for like an hour and a half! Its the best ever! It reminds me of all the times i went with friends to the rest homes in STG and sang. Good times. I love older people. Especially my grandparents but these guys are pretty cool too. 
This weekend was quite cold with about 3 inches of snow in our area. Some areas got like a foot or two and lost power and what not.  This was elder Ban's first time seeing snow and he was freaking out!  I was so glad i was with him to witness it. 
We also had stake conference this week which was simply amazing.  I love the leaders in this stake. They are awesome. Definitely got some General Authority material here.  The whole theme of conference was missionary work.  I loved being able to go to the priesthood leadership, adult session, and both sessions on sundays (they had half the stake go at 10am and the other go at 2pm).  I felt so inspired and re energized.  We also sang Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy Hymn 335 i think.  I love that song. And i never knew it until  i came out on a mission. But it is all about missionary work.  I encourage all of you to pull out your hymn books and read the lyrics.  Christ is the Light house but we are the lights along the shore.  If i could I'd draw you a picture and describe the background and meaning of the song more fully but... no time.
One thing that was said in conference by Clayton Christensen (he is a High Councilor in our stake) was that "Every calling in the church IS a missionary calling" or in other words every calling we have, we can use to do missionary work!  Our stake president and many others told us that we have been commanded to BUILD THE KINGDOM be it by bringing new people in, helping to re activate less actives, having kids, etc.  This great and marvelous work Can NOT progress without the help of members.  Ya all of us missionaries were over joyed at hearing all this stuff at conference.  Lets hope that it all get implemented.
So this transfer has been a very rough one with little success.  We went from a baptism the first week to 2 investigators with 0 potentials and 0 referrals by the last week.  But monday we went to Nahant (Little pennisula full of the richest of the rich people in the north shore) to do some tracting. Elder Ang suggested it and I was a little hesitant cuz i've never been there and was told that missionaries don't go there cuz they are all rich and proud there.  But then i remembered what i learned from the Member Missionary Lessons which says that we cannot Judge who is or isn't ready.  So we went and we had an awesome time-its way pretty out there plus we got 3 solid investigators! 
Alright last thing is that last night we went over to the D's house along with the P family for dinner. Man i love those 2 families! If you have forgotten, they are the ones from the gym.  They made me a birthday dinner (chicken cord en bleu, brocoli with cheese, baked potatoes- just like home :) They take care of us really good. They are our home away from home.  They also got me a present.  A patriots Tom Brady T shirt haha.  Since we are moving to Revere it will be a bit of a stretch to go to the gym so we are gonna go til our month payment is up but then have to stop going :(
Could I ask a favor from you all? Well with the member missionary lessons, we commit the members to set a date by which they will have someone being taught by the missionaries. So the C family set there date about a month ago for it to be on Nov. 4th -both mine and bro C's birthday.  And its almost there and they still don't have anyone. So please pray for them to reach their date! :) Thanks
Well I love you all so very much! Mom it has been torture to get my birthday mail so early but not be allowed to open it haha but it is teaching me patience. 
k bye!

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