Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm so Grateful!

Wow what a football game! Thanks Dad for the play by play of the game.  I felt like I was right there. Im glad you guys are saving the game on TV for me to watch.  Im excited to see my little brother toughing it out in a snowstorm.  Brock you are the man.  Now write me a letter :) Good luck with basketball!

I think it is so weird when i think about where i was last thanksgiving, in Tennessee.  Man that was probably one of the most random and crazy and fun thanksgivings I've had and will ever have.  Tell Dan and Shelly to thank those Flake's in Tennessee once again for me :)

Thats awesome about the women's So. Virginia U soccer doing well this year again.  I've written a few people from SVU and they have written back but no one from the guys soccer team.  I definitely miss those guys.

This week was interesting, especially with the weather.  So i always thought St George's weather was quite bi polar but Massachusetts is so much worse.  We have been having weather in the 70's and then down to  the 30's and then 40's with ice cold wind and then back up to 65 with no breeze.  Im so confused haha.  So yes i am staying pretty warm on some days but then i get blindsided by the cold everyonce in a while. Oh ya and it gets dark here at like 4pm. No Bueno (not good).  That makes it really hard to meet with people are tract cuz even tho its way early evening people get mad at you and say that you are coming way too late.  its annoying.

Anyways this week went real slow but it was good.  Last week after i emailed you we went down to charlestown, just north of Boston to the Bunker Hill Monument and to see the U.S.S Constitution Ship.  It was alot of fun and Charlestown is so pretty especially in the fall.  I took lots of pictures and videos that i will probably send in a few weeks as a christmas present :)  Then we also went down to Boston to Mike's Pastries (apparently its super famous here but i've never heard of it before ha) and walked around a bit. 

This week has been mostly focusing on members.  We don't have any investigators really so we are investing alot of our time to the members in the hope that after we teach the member missionary lessons we will start to get some awesome referrals.  Each time i teach the lessons on member missionary work, my testimony is just renewed on how awesome and inspired they really are.  I wish i could sit down with all of you and teach these lessons.  We are really close to getting referrals from members but that isn't even the best part. I find my joy when i see that the members are constantly thinking about missionary work and at least noticing the opportunities that they have to share the gospel. The actual sharing will come in time.  But its just been a really cool experience working with the members here.  I've really grown to love alot of members here and i have a bad feeling that i will be transferred right before christmas and that would be a big bummer.  But that is 3 weeks away so we'll see. 

As for Thanksgiving, we are going to the church with a few of the members and just having a huge feast.  It should be a good time.  No football what so ever is allowed in our mission so no turkey bowl :(  Good luck in the family soccer game.  Don't let the Thompsons win!

We had leadership training up in Billerica, MA with Pres and Sis Evans and it was awesome.  I love President and Sister Evans so much!  And I love being able to spend time with them and learn from them and be edified.  They are great people and from Bountiful Utah if you didn't know.  So it will be very easy to visit them after the mission.

B is doing wonderfully and same with his girl friend.  We met with them  and watched the Restoration video and then the next time watched the movie Finding Faith in Christ and both lessons went really well.  B really loves Joseph Smith and his story and says he feels like he can relate to him.  He also does very well with reading the book of Mormon.  B prayed for us in one of the lessons and it was a wonderful prayer and afterwards, he just sat there and it looked like he was in deep thought and then he said, "Wow, I'm really...proud of myself. I feel really good about that prayer..." BAM Holy Ghost got him!  It was so cool seeing him recognize the spirit.  These people are so dear to me.  Elder A and I have grown really close to them and they have become really attached to us.  We are planning to have a lesson with them at a members home this week so we'll see how that turns out.  If they would just come to church as a family, they would be solid and their road to baptism would really speed up.

I went on a tour/exchange with an Elder this week up in his area. It was such a good tour and i felt like i really fulfilled my duty as a district leader on this tour.  We had a really good time and learned alot from each other.  My favorite part about being a leader in the mission is getting to interact with so many more missionaries and get to know them and help them.  I just love people, and especially love helping them in any way possible. 

During this thanksgiving season I am indeed grateful for my family and friends.  Don't forget to go around the table and tell what you are grateful for and make sure and have a prayer this week and only give thanks.  Doing so really makes you realize all the good that you have.  Even when opposition is on all sides and there are many hardships and trials and stresses in our lives, there is always something to be grateful for.  In every situation you may find yourself in, seek out the good from it.  Like a good friend told me, Every day might not be good, but there is definitely good in every day :)  Find that good.  Love it.  I love you all and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!  I'M THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Elder Brady Johnson

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