Monday, November 14, 2011

I just have to say way to go BROCK!!!!!!!! That is so sick that you are owning it in football!  Take STATE!!!!!  You are a stud. I expect an interception and a touch down from you in that game! Good luck
So i must apologize for being really brief on the details of the actual missionary work lately but sadly its because there just hasn't been alot to talk about. Our promising investigators in Nahant dropped us this week so that was a bummer.  So really all we have is B. But What about B? haha you know the movie? funny movie.  Anyways he has been really progressing.  We have been meeting with just him lately cuz J just really isn't interested or home ever.  But we have had some awesome lessons and B is reading the Book of Mormon and really liking it!  Its exciting.  He came to the church on saturday with a member and we gave him a tour and had a very spiritual lesson.  He told us that just stepping in this building was a huge step for him. We will continue to work with him and help him along. 
Other than that nothing too interesting.  We have alot of new finding activities planned for this week to shake things up.  We are passing out flyers for a church tour we will be having on saturday- just like an open house so hopefully people will come. We are also gonna tract in cities we haven't tracted in before.  We are desparate right now so we are trying everything.  I feel good about this week tho.  Actually i feel good about every week ha.  I feel like i have become quite optimistic since becoming a missionary.  That something i am really happy to have learned how to do.  It all goes back to attitude. Attitude changes everything.
Besides that we had zone conference and it was really good.  The theme of the conference was Working Smarter.  The thing about our mission is that the missionaries on average work really hard.  But there is a difference between working hard and working smart.  So president is trying to help us fuse the two together and work smart and hard.  We focused on just using the tools that we have right in front of us like Preach my Gospel-actually following what it says, our Area Books-keeping them organized and using them, and working with the members.  Elder A and I were reccomended as a companionship that plans really well using PMG and the Area Book and so thats what we gave a training on.  We pretty much just demonstrated a section of the weekly planning session and then talked about it.  It went really well and everyone thanked us for the ideas and said they really liked it.  So that was cool. 
Oh just to let you know, our nerf battle last week in our new house was totally epic.  But nerf guns are a HUGE distraction at night or during our studies.  You just never know when you are going to get popped in the head by a nerf bullet haha. 
Well i think that is it.  Oh wait, we finally got our Ensigns of the October Conference and I am so stoked!  I know you all have it too, if you don't, get it.  We are so lucky to have the modern day scriptures right in front of us!  The thing i like to do with each talk is read it and then choose one thing i am going to implement into my life because of the talk. Sometimes it isn't what is said in the talk but something i realized i should do from the spirit.  We have these things right in front of us! I exhort you to just use them!  Feast upon the words of christ-the scriptures and conference talks.  I promise it will bring the spirit more abundantly into your lives.  I love you all. Be safe and good luck! 
     Elder Brady Johnson

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