Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm 20 years old!

Im no longer a teen, or a child for that matter. But i can still act like one :) And to prove it, we all went out and bought nerf guns and are gonna have a huge war later today in our nice new house! Wahhooooo!  Yup my birthday has come and past and now im 20 years old. Where did the time go? huh?  So i will talk a bit more about my birthday when i get to it but let me first tell you what happened this week in some sort of an orderly fashion. 
So back to wednesday which was p day last week. By the time i had last emailed you i had already went to my last day of boot camp, which was insanely hard, and played about an hour of basketball.  after I emailed we went to eat at this awesome mexican restaurant with lots of missionaries and i ate a ton!  Then of course we went and played more basketball at the Cambridge Stake center with lots of missionaries as well.  We played for another 2 and a half more hours there and by the end i was pooped.  But it was so much fun. And lately i've just been ballin it up on the court.  I feel like im in my prime for basketball.  But i learned a few lessons from this exhausting day.  1) Don't play basketball after eating a huge burrito with beans and rice. 2) Don't run faster than you have strength-from the scriptures somewhere, i know it!  So the next day i woke up and was shivering/sweating like a fever type stuff, plus i was achy all over and just did not feel good.  But i got up and showered and then had to go to transfer meeting to take some other elders who don't have a car.  It was cool getting to go cuz i got to see Elders G, D and W plus lots of other missionary friends. But during the meeting, i was just shivering uncontrollably and just really uncomfortable.  Eventually we left and I got home and went straight to bed. An hour later i woke up enough to get a priesthood blessing and then slept again until 6pm.  When i woke up i was actually able to eat and walk around but not much happened. The next morning, which was my birthday, i woke up and was perfectly fine.  It was amazing. I know that the power of the priesthood is very real.  And i am so grateful for it. 
So My birthday was nice. I Loved the package! thanks so much! You guys are the best.  Then i had district meeting and we have a few changes but Im still the district leader.  I love our district so much.  The elders and sisters are so awesome. We have a brand new sisters, fresh from the MTC so im excited to hear about all the new stuff coming from the MTC. Things there are always changing.  Elder B bought me a cake and he gave me a birthday card and wrote a letter all in Khmae and i could read the whole thing, what???? Ya I know its weird. I need to send it home so you can see it and then just imagine me being able to make sense of it haha.  Sis. J also brought a cake to district meeting but she had no idea it was my birthday, she said she just felt inspired to bring it haha.  Right now everyone in the district has someone with a baptismal date! Ya that hasn't happened my whole time here in this district.
Like I told you, we moved this weekend.  The reason we had to move was cuz our land lord kept the money we would pay for rent and didn't pay the mortgage to the bank and so he lost the house and we found out that the bank could come and kick us out at any time so we decided to just get out fast.  And I am so glad we did cuz the new place we found is loads better!  We pretty much have a whole 2 story house to ourselves with 2 bathrooms/ showers and a washer and dryer! YES! We totally scored with this place. Its huge too.  Hence the nerf gun war that will be happening at 0300 hours :) I'll be sure to send you pictures our maybe a video of a tour of our house. So yes we are now in Revere and we are still with the Zone leaders and we still cover the exact same area. We actually live really close to the church now so that is nice.  Hopefully we will save on miles with our new position cuz last month we went over quite a bit....
Saturday involved more moving-just making small trips back and forth just with our cars.  We also watch Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration-I love that movie!- with R and her daughters.  They loved it.  A said to me as the movie ended, "That movie made me cry." I think it really helped them gain an understanding of who Joseph was and what the early members of the church had to go through.  ps I love that family so much! I can't say it enough. They are just so awesome. I love all of my recent converts.  They are all doing really well and it is so exciting to see.  I can't wait for you to meet them. 
Things are going really good with the member missionary lessons. We have 3 new families in the ward that we are beginning to teach. Sadly the C's didn't find anyone by their date, and that was really hard for me.  I don't understand why it didn't happen.  They put in so much effort, especially this last week.  But i guess i can't do anything about it.  Just encourage them to keep on going.  They did take us out for lunch on saturday to celebrate my and Brother C's birthday.  They are such good people. 
We met with one of the people we found in Nahant and it was a pretty good lesson but then they had to cancel our next one.  Other than that, no new news.  We got some good stuff coming up this week, so good old fashioned hard missionary work that i am excited for.  We also have zone conference on Thursday and the Assistants called and asked me and elder A to give a training in front of about 70 people (3 zones). So we'll see how that goes haha should be fun.  So yup thats about it for me.
So there was something a departing missionary said in his testimony at transfer meeting that i really liked.  What he said was directed to missionaries but i think it applies to every one of us.  He said, "If you take care of what is important to the Lord, then the Lord will take care of all that is important to you." And that is so true.  I know that what I am doing right now is what is the right thing to be doing and that it is important to the Lord.  And I know i don't have to worry about any of you cuz the Lord is watching over you for me. I know that Jesus Christ is our savior and redeemer.  He is Risen.  Oh what joy this sentence gives, I know that my redeemer lives. Isn't it wonderful?!  We are so blessed to have something to hope for, something to live for. We have the truth.  We gotta share it. "After all that has been said, the greatest of these is sharing the gospel."-J Smith.
I love you all! Good Luck in football Brock! Go Win STATE!!!!!
Love, Elder Johnson

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